When investing in a new roof, homeowners not only look for quality and durability but also value-added benefits like warranties. Mosaic Roofing Systems offers a transferable product warranty on its stone-coated steel roofing—a feature that provides both initial peace of mind and potential future benefits. This article explores the importance of a transferable warranty and how it enhances the value of Mosaic’s roofing solutions.

Benefits of a Transferable Warranty

The transferable aspect of Mosaic’s warranty adds significant value. Here are several key benefits:

Enhanced Property Value

A transferable warranty can be a strong selling point when a home is put on the market. New homeowners appreciate taking over a warranty that protects their recent investment, making homes with such warranties more attractive and potentially easier to sell. This feature can also contribute to a higher resale value(national average, around 11%) , as it adds to the overall desirability of the home.

Long-term Coverage

Mosaic’s warranties are designed to cover the roofing system for several decades, often aligning with the expected lifespan of the roof itself. The ability to transfer the warranty to new owners ensures that the roof remains a valuable asset for the duration of its use, regardless of ownership changes.

Peace of Mind for Future Owners

Transferring a roof warranty to new homeowners can alleviate concerns about potential repair costs associated with roofing issues. This peace of mind makes a property more appealing to prospective buyers who might otherwise be cautious about the maintenance demands and durability of the roofing system.

Assurance of Quality

A warranty on a roofing system serves as a testament to its quality and durability.
Mosaic Roofing Systems stands behind their products with a comprehensive warranty that assures homeowners of the roof’s longevity and resistance to defects. This commitment to quality is crucial, providing homeowners with confidence in their investment and assurance that their roof will perform as expected over the coming decades.

How Transferable Warranties Work

To transfer a warranty, the current homeowner typically needs to complete a simple process with Mosaic Roofing Systems. This process may involve notifying the company of the change in ownership and possibly a small transfer fee. Once transferred, the new homeowners gain all the benefits of the warranty under the terms that were originally agreed upon, continuing the coverage without interruption.


While a transferable warranty is highly beneficial, it’s important for homeowners to
understand the specific terms and conditions. These can include the timeframe in which the warranty must be transferred after the home sale and any responsibilities the new homeowner must undertake to maintain the warranty’s validity.