When selecting roofing materials, homeowners and builders often prioritize safety and resilience against natural elements. Mosaic Roofing Systems’ stone-coated steel roofing is rigorously tested to ensure it stands up against fire, hail, and wind—three of the most common concerns for roofing integrity. This article explores how Mosaic’s roofing products are designed to provide superior protection, ensuring peace of mind for homeowners in various environmental conditions.

Fire Resistance

Fire resistance is a critical attribute of roofing materials, particularly in areas prone to
wildfires or stringent building codes. Mosaic stone-coated steel roofs offer exceptional fire resistance due to their non-combustible steel core and stone coating. These materials achieve a Class A fire rating, the highest possible rating, indicating that they are effective in preventing the spread of flames and providing additional time to control or extinguish a fire before it can damage the home. This feature makes Mosaic roofing a safe choice, reducing the risk of fire-related incidents significantly.

Hail Durability

Hail can cause severe damage to traditional roofing materials, leading to costly repairs
or even complete replacements. Mosaic Roofing Systems has addressed this challenge by engineering their stone-coated steel roofs to withstand the impact of hail. During product testing, these roofs have shown remarkable resilience, with no cracks or breaks even when subjected to the impact of large hailstones. With a class 4 impact rating, the highest attainable, it withstands airborne debris impact and repels hailstones up to 2 1⁄2 inches, equivalent to the size of a baseball, during storms. This durability is attributed to the tough stone coating and the robust steel panel that absorb and disperse the energy of hail impacts effectively.

Wind Resistance

High winds can uplift roofing materials, leading to severe structural damage during
storms. Mosaic’s roofing products are specifically tested for high wind resistance. They are capable of withstanding sustained wind speeds of over 150 miles per hour, a testament to their secure installation methods and strong material properties. The interlocking design of the stone-coated steel panels also contributes to their ability to resist high winds, ensuring the roof remains intact and protective even under extreme conditions.

Rigorous Testing Standards

Mosaic Roofing Systems upholds stringent testing standards to ensure their products
withstand extreme weather conditions. Their stone-coated steel roofing undergoes rigorous testing in controlled environments, replicating real-world weather scenarios. This includes exposure to varying wind speeds(exceeding 240mph TAS-125 Test), impact tests with synthetic hail (achieving a class 4 impact rating), resistance against fire exposure(Class A rating), and wind/rain tests exceeding 8.8 inches of rain per hour propelled by 100 mph winds.(TAS-100 Test) By consistently meeting or surpassing industry benchmarks, Mosaic assures customers that their roofing products are a dependable and secure option for both residential and commercial buildings.